Terms and Conditions

Paying for your order, and our no-returns policy

Prior to producing your order we require both:

  • Payment by bank transfer. Your order confirmation email contains payment instructions.
  • Your approval of design - see below.

Since all of our pens and promotional products are branded we cannot accept order cancellations or returns.

Approving your design

To ensure you are going to be happy with your order we send you a PDF artwork proof with your branding shown exactly as it will appear on your chosen pen or other promotional product.

Artwork proof

If you wish to see this artwork proof prior to confirming your order please just pay $40 towards your order by following the payment instructions on your quotation. We need your approval confirmation of this artwork proof AND full payment of the quotation prior to producing your order.

Product Colours

The product colours illustrated on our website and promotional material are matched as closely as printing will allow. Actual product colours may vary and they can also vary from shipment to shipment and this is beyond our control.  Always ask to see a sample to verify the product colour is suitable for your requirements as we do not accept returns due to minor colour variations.

We shall be under no liability whatever to you for any variation (beyond our reasonable control) in colours between the approved prototype and the finished Goods. While stock from our suppliers is matched to a specific colour, mass produced stock often has a slight tolerance in shade between batches of stock and we shall be under no obligation to replace goods, nor make any refund, where such variations are found to exist in goods supplied.

Product Suitability

Please ask to see an actual sample of the product you wish to order to ascertain its suitability for your requirements. We do not accept returns of products deemed not to be suitable for the desired purpose for any reason after they are decorated.

Colours and Durability of Product Decorations

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) was designed for mixing and controlling colours within the offset printing industry and colour fidelity of thus system is achieved using offset printing inks printed on coated and matt white paper stock.

All other printing purposes including digital printing have adopted the PMS system as a colour reference guide for colour matching. It is important to remember that the inks used in such processes cannot be mixed according to the PMS recipes so PMS matches on promotional can vary from almost perfect in some processes to only approximate in others. The colour of the product chosen is also a big factor in our ability to match PMS colours. Please do not hesitate to ask for more information about PMS colours if you have any concern as to whether the printing process can deliver the level of accuracy you require on products you order.

For pad and screen printing, close PMS colours are best achieved on white products. Reasonably close matches can also be achieved on frosted clear and silver surfaces but as the colour of the product gets darker the ability to match PMS colours diminishes.

Full colour digital printing processes can only achieve approximate PMS colour matches at best. It is very important to be aware of this limitation as it is unavoidable and we do not accept returns based on digitally generated colours not matching PMS colours.

Please note:

  • While we make every effort to print colours (PMS, CYMK or other) correctly, we reserves the right to judge defectiveness at our discretion based on industry standards.
  • We shall not be held liable for inks wearing off through general wear and tear.
  • Any change or correction to any film, bromides, artwork and/or any printing surface supplied by the you which is deemed necessary by us to ensure correctly finished work shall be invoiced to you, and payable by you, as an extra.
  • We are under no obligation to provide samples of Goods ordered other than by virtual (computerised) sample. Whilst we make every effort to match virtual colours with physical colours, we will take no responsibility for any variation between virtual sale samples and either the virtual sale sample displayed on your computer and/or the final product. Should you require a physical sample this will be provided on request by you and will be invoiced to you and become payable by you, along with freight charges, as an extra.

Artwork Proof Alterations

If an artwork proof is returned to us with alterations an amended artwork proof file will have to be issued.
A minimum fee of NZ$20+GST  is payable for the additional work.

Variations and Other Work Requested by You

When quotations are based on specifications, roughs, layouts, samples or dummies or printed, typewritten or other good copy, any extra work or cost caused by any variation by you of your original instructions or by the manuscript copy being, in our opinion, poorly prepared or by your requirements being different from those originally submitted or described, then the cost of such variations may be invoiced to you, and become payable by you.

All work carried out whether experimentally or otherwise at your request will be charged you, and become payable by you.

Where the performance of any contract withyou requires us to obtain Goods or Services from a third party, the contract between you and us shall incorporate and shall be subject to the conditions of supply of such Goods and Services to us, and you shall be liable for the cost in full including our margin of such Goods and/or Services.


It is your responsibility to ensure you have approval from the owner of the artwork to use it.

Unless otherwise agreed, you shall bear the cost of fonts, or colour proofs, or artwork, specially bought at your request for the work.

Accuracy of Artwork Proofs

Whilst we take every care to carry out your instructions, it is your responsibility to undertake a final proof reading of the Goods. We shall be under no liability whatever for any errors not corrected by you in the final proof reading. Should your alterations require additional proofs this shall be invoiced to you, and become payable by you, as an extra.

Delivery Times

Delivery times vary with each product. Details for each are shown on the product details page.

Damaged, Lost or Late Deliveries

We accept no liability for any loss sustained through late delivery from any cause whatsoever including negligence. We do not accept any liability whatsoever in respect of goods damaged, lost or delayed while in transit by carrier. Your goods are carried under the terms and conditions of the carrier and any claims for delay, damage or loss in transit must be made against the carrier. Please notify us of any claims for lost, late or damaged goods. We will take reasonable steps to assist you to resolve the issue with the carrier. Payment for reprint of lost, damaged or delayed orders is due at the time of reprint order placement. If you wish to contact the carrier directly please advise us and we will furnish you with appropriate contact details.

Privacy Guarantee

We occasionally send emails to our customers to notify them of special promotions or new products in which we think they might be interested. If, for any reason, you wish us to stop sending these notifications, simply email us and we will promptly remove your name from the list. We never share our customer data with any outside organisations, other than third party services providers (e.g. hosting and email) where it is necessary in order to deliver our own services.


We always endeavour to deliver the quantity ordered. However, we reserve the right to ship and charge 10% under or over the requested quantity. Refunds or additional charges are issued accordingly.

Best Price Guaranteed Quotations

Best Price, GUARANTEED quotations are valid for 24 hours from the date shown on the quotation.

Product Dimension

We accept no liability for the dimensions of products supplied being different from those quoted or ordered. Product dimensions are constantly changing and we accept no liability for product dimension, or any other product specifications displayed in quotations, website, or any other marketing material. We recommend that you purchase sample product to ensure that product dimensions and colours and any other specifications meet your requirements.  Products named and/or categorized as A4, A5, A6, etc are often approximations only, and we accept no liability whatsoever for deviations of products from standard dimensions such as these or any other.

Faulty Product

Claims for faulty goods must be made in writing on our claim form within 10 days of the invoice date. Faulty goods will be replaced free of charge. If replacement of faulty goods is not possible or viable then a credit will be offered. Credits or refunds in respect of faulty goods will only be issued at our discretion. Many of our products are low cost advertising items and may in some cases have minor imperfections that do not impair the function of the product. Such imperfections must be accepted when purchasing low cost items and shall not be considered faulty product.

Goods are accepted for return at the sole discretion of the Seller. Goods or the product of services returned without an authorisation number from the Seller, and a valid reason, will be returned to the Buyer at the cost of the Buyer. Freight charges for Goods, or the product of Services, returned are to be borne by the Buyer unless so authorized prior to return.

International Shipping

Please contact us directly regarding all export orders. Export shipping costs are not included in online quotations.

Order Cancellation

Acceptance of order cancellations is totally at our discretion. An order may not be cancelled, or changed, except upon terms that will compensate us for all costs incurred (including any product specifically purchased for the order) and will otherwise protect against loss including loss of profit. A minimum 15% fee is payable for changed orders. A minimum 15% handling fee is deducted from all refunds for cancelled orders.

Please note:

  • Goods printed or made to special order, or to your specification, or non-catalogue items are under no circumstances acceptable for credit or return. Cancellation of orders for printed or special or non-catalogue items will definitely not be accepted, once these orders are in production.


Payment is due in full (without set-off, deduction or counter claim) on the 7th day following the date shown on the invoice. In the event that we do not receive payment in full on the due date all costs of the collection process will be payable by the Customer. We reserve the right to charge interest at 5% per annum above Westpac’s base rate for commercial lending on overdue accounts from the due date until the date of payment. In the event of Court proceedings being issued for non-payment, all costs, including our legal fees, will be payable by the Customer. We reserve the right to issue legal proceedings in any Court.