Sustainable Rimu

Sustainable Rimu Wood

Sustainable New Zealand Rimu pens

The Rimu for our Rimu wooden pens is all purchased from mills where it is harvested under the sustainable forests protocols locally in New Zealand and is a kiln dried product.

Sustainable Production

Sustainable production embodies the concept of living within environmental constraints – at its most simple, it is a level of production and utilising processes of production that can endure over time without depleting or damaging the environment.


Maintaining ecological balance

In 1993 The Forests Act 1949 was amended to bring an end to unsustainable harvesting and clear felling of indigenous forest. Under the Act, indigenous timber can only be produced from forests that are managed in a way that maintains continuous forest cover and ecological balance. Management systems ensure that the forests continuously provide a full range of products and amenities, in perpetuity, while retaining their natural values. Only single trees and small groups of trees can be felled for timber production. Indigenous Species grown in New Zealand for the supply of timber include:

Sustainability information

Eco pens - Eco-friendly

Eco pens are the ideal gift if your business is concerned about protecting the environment. We have a range of eco-friendly pens and eco-friendly merchandise to suit all budgets.

For something special you may like to consider our NZ Rimu wooden pens...

Rimu Wooden Pens

Treat your staff and clients with our eco-friendly Rimu Wooden Pens, made from genuine, sustainably sourced, New Zealand Rimu and laser engraved locally in New Zealand with your brand logo.