Vector Artwork

Preferred Artwork Format for
imprinting Promotional Products

Vector Graphics Artwork

A vector graphic is the ideal format to supply artwork as the majority of decorating processes including pad printing, screen printing and laser engraving can only use vector artwork. 

Vector artwork can also be easily converted into raster artwork if required. Artwork in this format is saved as mathematical equations and can easily be edited and resized without compromising the image quality. Vector artwork can be supplied in the following file types:

  • EPS – Encapsulated Post Script
  • CDR – Corel Draw
  • AI – Adobe Illustrator
  • Scaleable PDF – Portable Document Format (PDF must be scaleable, not bitmap, and not pixelate when viewed)

(ensure artwork is converted to curves / paths to avoid font conflicts)

Colours vary greatly in the digital process. If it is important to get a close colour match on a product using the digital print process please supply Vector Art.

We can create Vector Artwork for you

If you can't source vector artwork, don't worry...  We can create it for you using our Artwork Wizard.

Artwork Formats

Below is an example of a raster graphic that has been converted to vector graphic: