Raster Artwork

Bitmap Artwork Format

Raster Graphics

A raster graphic is made up of grids of pixels and can’t be as easily edited or resized and in order to use raster graphics for most decorating processes such as screen printing, pad printing or laser engraving they must first be converted or redrawn as vector graphics. Raster graphics can be used with digital printing processes however it is important that it is supplied in high resolution especially if the print area is larger as resizing the image will reduce its quality. If raster graphics are supplied we will attempt to make this artwork useable otherwise the flat fee per logo for our Artwork Wizard service will be charged to convert or redraw artwork. We will advise you before undertaking this work, or incurring you any charges. Raster artwork can be supplied in the following file types:

  • JPG, BMP, TIFF, GIF – Raster files
  • DOC, PPT, XSL, PUB – MS Office files

Artwork Formats

Below is an example of a raster graphic that has been converted to vector graphic: