Artwork Templates

Artwork Templates for Branded Promotional Products

Imprint areas (where your brand is printed) are defined in the product's Artwork Template

Every product has its own artwork template. The artwork template for the Target Pen (P98684) is shown in this example.

Product Ordering

When ordering any product you first choose the type of decoration service you want us to use to turn the product into a branded promotional product.

Selecting Print Service Type during Product order

Ordering Decoration Services

When ordering decoration services you choose where on the product you want us to place your logo.

Choosing Print Position when ordering decoration service

Artwork Template

Notice how the artwork template has a range of print positions available, depending on the type of printing service we use to decorate the product:

PT898684_Target_Pen_wire - TEMPLATE

Where to find Artwork Templates

You'll find the artwork template for each product as one of the images on the product's page:

Locating Artwork Templates

Click on the small template image and the template image will appear:

Then click on the magnifying glass which sits over the image...

Zoom in on Artwork Template

...and the full template will appear:

Click on the black area around the artwork template image and you'll return to the product page.

Need help?

If you need help understanding artwork templates please contact us. One of our friendly and experienced team will be happy to help you.