Tote Bags – Branded in NZ

Contact us for more details, letting us know the product code for the tote bag you are interested in:

PT892993. (H260 x W180)

PT893011. (H375 x W265)

PT893002. (H420 x W 380)

PT893068 (H310 x W310 x D180)

PT893049. (H420 x W380)

PT890069. (H355 x W270 x D90)

PT893035 (H420 x W380 x D90)

PT893019. (H340 x W305 x D 205)

PT893731. (H380 x W355)

PT886218. (Vege/Produce Bags)

PT899433. (H410 x W380)

PT892310. (H410 x W380)

PT890931. Small Jute Gift Bag (H185 x W110)

PT890930. Medium Jute Gift Bag. (H253 x W205)

PT890929. Large Jute Gift Bag. (H375 x W300)

PT892811 (H395 x W450 x D100)

PT887644 (H190 x W160)

PT887645 (H165 x W120)

PT887646. (H90 x W85)

PT887650 (H330 x W260)

PT887652 (H254 x W203 x D101)

PT899431. (H420 x W370 x D90)

PT890927 (H420 x W380 x D90)

PT891966 (H390 x W275)

PT890864 (H420 x W370)

PT887647 (H330 x W260 x D76)

PT891960 (H350 x W110 x D100)

PT891965 (H420 x W380 x D80)

PT887424 (H340 x W440 x D142)

PT886987. (H410 x W380)

PT888061 (H300 x W305 x D120)

PT887656 (H330 x W330 x D127)

PT887649 (H406 x W355)

PT887651 (H400 x W380)

PT892320. (H355 x W430 x D100)

PT887467 (H345 x W335 x D110)

PT887655 (H330 x W304 x D203)

PT892343 (H380 x W460 x D130)

PT891962 (H340 x W340 x D150)

PT887654 (H304 x W406 x D152)

PT887087 (H250 x W205 x D106)

PT887468 (H385 x W365 x D85)

PT886625 (H370 x W415 x D130)

PT887653 (H381 x W330 x D254)

PT892321 (H410 x W430 x D95)

PT886686 (H175 x W340 x D240)

PT887471 (H400 x W450 x D142)

PT891964 (H360 x W460 x D120)

PT891963 (H420 x W380 x D200)

PT888547 (H375 x W440 x D130)

PT886303 (W350 x L375)

PT891961 (H320 x W380 x D240)

PT886687 (H355 x W460 x D140)

PT887079 (H405 x W380)

PT887080 (H393 x W292 x D130)

PT887078. (H332 x W332 x D127)

PT886431 (H406 x W381)

PT886432 (H406 x W381)

PT886433 (H406 x W381)

PT887086 (H330 x W305 x D203)

PT887084 (H305 x W410 x D152)

PT888537. (H375 x W480 x D155)

PT890928. (H375 x W330 x D250)