Direct Digital Printing

Digital Direct Printing Process

Ink is transferred directly from the print heads of an inkjet machine to products with flat or slightly curved surfaces. Direct Digital” printing enables full-colour logos to be printed directly onto your promotional products.

Direct digital is used to produce:

Digital Direct Printing Services

Transfer your logos, images and promotional messages to your marketing materials, promotional pens, and branded merchandise using our state-of-the-art digital direct printing services.

Full-Colour Digital Imprint Areas

Choose from our wide range of full colour digital imprint areas to suit the size and dimensions of the logo or image you are using for your marketing activities. We have full colour imprinting areas of all dimensions, large and small, tall and wide to print your digital images in the best way possible.

Refer to artwork templates for each product to see the areas available for full-colour printing.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Digital Printing

Advantages of "Digital Direct" Printing

  • Direct Digital printing is ideal for branding dark coloured products because we print a layer of white ink under the copy for improved colour reproduction.
  • Saves money compared with printing multiple single colours using screen or pad printing.
  • Instant drying so production times are reduced, and products are shipped sooner.
  • Offers larger print areas on many products and can print very close to the edge of flat products.


Limitations of Digital Direct Printing

  • Only approximate PMS colours can be reproduced.
  • Some colours cannot be reproduced including metallic silver and gold.
  • The size of branding areas is limited on curved surfaces.
  • Larger print areas tend to be more expensive.