Promo Product Q & A – The Sexy Secrets Revealed

Secrets to Choosing The Right Promotional Product

Read these questions and answers to discover the secrets to choosing the right promotional products to grow your business.


Bright Ideas for Bright People


What makes people want to have a particular promo item?

  • Whether or not the promo item is useful is the deciding factor for 69% of people.

Perceptions of what is "useful" differ by sex, as will be revealed below.

Which promo items do people regard as most useful?

  1. Stationery (Promotional pens, printed padsbranded notebooks, customised compendiums)
  2. Computer accessories
  3. Health/exercise items (healthy choices / environmentally-friendly / apparel)

Since stationery and computer accessories are so popular, it's hardly surprising that stylus pens for use with touch-screens are best-sellers.

How often do people use promo items?

  • Most people use a promo item at least once per week.

Reusable produce bags and reusable shopping bags create a unique branding opportunity to provide your customers with something useful that they'll use regularly.

How long do people keep promotional merchandise?

  • Average = 7 months.
  • Most, 60% of people, keep promotional  items for more than 2 years.

Which promo items are kept for the longest time?

  1. Clothing / apparel
  2. Promotional Pens
  3. Bags (in USA bags have the highest brand impressions of all products)
  4. Calendars

What do people do with promo items after they've used them for months to years?

  • 20% throw them away.
  • 63% give them away.

So the majority of promo items start a new life in someone else's everyday lives, and your promo products continue to promote your brand to more people.

Are you targeting men or women with your marketing activities?

What are the favourite promo items for that sex?

Female sex favour:

  1. Branded bags
  2. Promotional pens
  3. Promotional calendars

Male sex favour:

  1. Caps
  2. Shirts (including T-shirts)

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